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Car Tips

Prior to taking the road test or driving lesson, you should remember to check the following:

• You know how to operate the secondary control of the vehicle in questions, such as windscreen wipers and washers, demisters, rear window heater, lights and air-conditioning where fitted. You must also know how to adjust the seat, seat-belt and mirrors to make sure you have optimum driving position and visibility and ensure the doors are closed.

• In the case of a vehicle and trailer e.g. articulated truck, you must know how to uncouple and recouple the trailer from/to the drawing vehicle.

• In the case of a heavy vehicle test, you must know how to check the power-assisted braking and steering systems, and how to use any retarder or exhaust brake as fitted to the vehicle.

• Passengers other than the driver tester and/or Department officers are not permitted to accompany you in the vehicle during the practical test. The tester may be accompanied on test for training/supervisory purposes. While the accompanying officer may take notes, they have no input into the conduct or outcome of the test.


Tips for what to look for prior to conducting a test

Under the Bonnet

• Oil and Oil Level
• Brake Fuild Level
• Power Steering Level (if applicable)
• Water/Coolant in radiator or resevoir


Technical Checks

• Air Intake Controls
• All External Lights
• Tyres - Pressure and Tread Depth
• Horn
• Rear Reflectors
• Indicators
• Windscreen
• Windscreen Fluid and Wipers
• Steering
• Seatbelts and Tensioners


Secondary Checks (Not crucial to the test but good for car safety)

• Air Vents
• Temperature Controls
• Light Switches
• Mirrors
• Demister
• Cooling Fan


Further Information
If you have any further questions on these or any other technical details we ill be happy to nswer your questions. Contact us in either Tullamore on 057 9322755 or Mullingar on 044 9341579.


Tullamore Office - 057 9322755. Mullingar Office - 087 0606360. Email: hynesdrivingschool@gmail.com
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